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Portable and demountable shade structures Designed by Eva Jensen Design and developed in collaboration with Laufs Engineering Design. 

EJD conceived CIRCLE SHADE-2πR4 as a minimal design that emphasizes simplicity and versatility inspired by a fundamental shape: the circle with an underlying triangular geometry.The structure is developed as a kit of parts to create a shading structure that incorporates outdoor furniture for simple assembly in a few steps. 

* All images and videos courtesy of Eva Jensen Design

CIRCLE SHADE-2πR4 consists of a unique combination of three main components, and in total seven parts: a circular canopy, tripod support poles attaching to each their cylindrical counterweight. This order allows for the circular canopy to easily connect to the poles with custom-designed high strength structural 3D printed joint nodes. These are variably detailed and interlaced with the shade membrane. The canopy pitch is set up by one short and two longer poles, and the assembly is held in place with only six T-handle pins.

The system is fabricated as a refined 21st century high-tech structure with 3D printed joint nodes as rigid moment frame connections. 3D printing facilitates the affordable fabrication of the custom joint nodes. 

A single unit anchors a space, allowing for adaptable use, and incorporates outdoor furniture as the concrete counterweights serve as seat, back rest, table top and step stools during set up. In sequence the structures can rotate in position to one another creating a variation of spaces in the park landscape. 

A light and minimal tripod figure anchored to weighty feet lifts a circle shade radiating energy of wheel. As a constellation in the Landscape, a playful composition of dynamic structures emerges, casting restful rhythms of round shadows, while punctuated by a faster beat of cylindrical drums the assemblies appear light and airy yet grounded.

EJD Team: Eva Christine Jensen, Sushwala Hedding & David Rowan Johnson

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